Friday, December 14, 2007

Space Invasion - Fleets and Raiding Inactives

Welcome back soldier. I'm glad you had made it for the first week. Please make sure to check out my previous blog "Space Invasion Strategy - The First Week" before proceeding.

The second week of the game is much more enjoyable than the first. Even though you are still limited in the actions you can still execute moves that will enable you to gather resources and expand much faster.

The initial focus of this period is to develop a small fleet to harvest resources from other planets. You need to a capability too to spy on Inactive planets. Depending on your luck or patience by the end of second week, you should be able to colonize your first planet.

Here is the list of what you need to develop.

Research Lab level 3 or better.
Fleet Base level 3 or better.
Weapons Technology level 2 or better.
Drive Research level 2.
Rocket Engines level 4.
Weapons Factory level 4.
Espionage level 2.

Once you have created/researched these, start making 2 Spy Probes and 3 Small Transports. Using the Spy Probes, you can scan inactive planets to check if they have resources or not. Spy Probes are fast and try to scan as many inactive planets near you.

If the scanned have sufficient resources and don't have any defensive structures like mortars or cannon, send 1-3 Small Transports to raid the planet. You can send 3 small transports in one planet at the same time or you can send them to 3 different planets. Keep doing this until you have enough resources to upgrade your researches so you can afford to build Large Transports. The minor raiding techniques you learn at this point will help you develop your own raid style in the future.

At this point, you might be tempted to create Small Fighters or planetary defenses. They would only be a waste of resources and won't help you much during this stage. Just build a few more small transports to help gathering resources at a faster rate.

To build large transports, you need the following Technologies.

Weapons Factory level 6.
Rocket Engines level 6.

Large Transport is faster than small ones and it can carry 30,000 resources. This is more or less equivalent to what your Pig Iron mine can produce in 24 hours. If you raided a planet with 30,000 resources, that means you have earned an equivalent of 1 day of resources that your mine can produce. Even though you are getting resources from other planets, it is advisable that you don't neglect building up your mines and Development Center.

At the end of the week, you are probably ready to colonize your own planet. You will learn about that in our next update.

During your second week, you are probably going to check your Space Invasion account every hour if you are raiding actively. You can still afford to go away from the keyboard and just come back when your transporters are back so you can build infrastractures or do researches.

1) Only attack inactive planets without defenses. You can attack active planets but you risk retaliation from the planet owner. You don't want that yet.
2) When retiring for the day, you can send your transporters to other galaxies to raid inactive planets so that you have extra resources when you come back the next day.
3) Powerful planets without defenses whether inactive or active can be raided even by a small transporter.

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