Friday, December 14, 2007

Space Invasion Strategy - The First Week

The first week of playing Space Invasion is probably the easiest and less time consuming of all. It's probably the most boring too. Just like any new character in an MMORPG, the actions you can do is very limited.

Your main goal during this period is to maximize your resource production. You need to bring your Pig Iron Mine and Kryptonite Mine to at least level 15. Your Blast Furnace and Spice Mine should be around level 10 too at the end of the week. Off course these factories won't run if you cannot power them up. So your Fusion Plant should be around level 15 too. Also at least try to bring your Development Center to level 3 so you can speed up the construction times.

At this stage you might be tempted to build up your Research Laboratory or create your Fleet. There is nothing wrong with that but I strongly advise that you don't build them yet since you will not have resources for the researches and you won't be able to build a decent fleet yet. Besides it will hinder your resource production from mines.

During this time, you are still under "Noob protection" from majority of players. You don't need to be online all the time since nobody will attack you yet. You can probably afford to login every 6-8 hours and won't lose much progress. Take note too that you can queue building construction.

Many players quit the game during the first day or week. Hopefully you can persevere and continue playing the game.

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